FLACS For Your Event

Whether it be a corporate gift, swag-bag, charity sporting event... whatever, FLACS Flip Flops are the perfect item to include.

Give business gifts that people will use.

People love flip flops... especially when they're this special.

Carson shows off his love of flip-flops while guest-hosting TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Flip-Flops Are Coming Back. It’s Going to Be Okay

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Unique Is Key

FLACS are a unique gift item.  The flip flop is appreciated because of its durability, comfort, aesthetic design, all vegan leather construction, and an ability to use them from a rugged outdoor environment to nice casual events.


Add FLACS to your event and make unique, memorable, and long lasting impression.

It's A Feel Good Item

In times of quarantine and often solitude, folks can use the feel-good aspect of flip flops.  FLACS in particular provide a personal luxury that can bring joy during trying times.

We'll Add That Personal Touch

Add participant shoe size to your registration form and provide that to us info prior to the event.  Then we can customize labels for that personal touch that folks appreciate.

Flip Flops In The Cold

FlipFlop Socks

If your event ends up being in a colder place or time you can still create that warm sunny feeling that flip flops can give and include a pair of warm flip flop socks.


We're happy to customize your FLACS with corporate branding, however consider limiting the use of brand messages and corporate logos.  Branding can compromise the appeal of the gift. 

We Are Your Partner

Consider us a supplier that is qualified, equipped, and eager to work with you.

Fulfillment Options

However it works best for you... that's what we'll do.  We can ship FLACS individually to participants during times of pandemic.  We can deliver the flip flops directly to an event's venue.  We have also traveled to the venue and handed the FLACS personally to each participant which can contribute to the personal touch as well as help take a load off for event planners.  

An Ideal Price Point

For most budgets FLACS are considered a mid level price point.  Discounts can be applied based on the number of units required.


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