FLACS "Turbo" Aesthetic Flip Flops, Indigo Merino Leather (Vegan) PRE ORDER PRICE - Ships Spring 2021

No feeling matches sliding into the driver’s seat of a fine sportscar… until now. 
Get that one of a kind feeling when you slip your foot into your FLACS Turbo Flip Flops. The comfort, style, and flexibility will blow your feet away, no matter where you’re headed. 
Aesthetically engineered means we made FLACS to look attractive. They're thin.  They're "flaco." People prefer pretty things. So, crafting the most comfortable/functional flip flops ever to touch a toe would be meaningless without aesthetics. 
The Difference
Our flip flops are designed for the entire family. 
Mom can feel fancy and free, all while knowing dad is no longer saddled with clunky sandals made for the Appalachian Trail or hitchhiking. The kids love the easy on and off. Besides, they’ll wear what mama says is best. And unless you’re doing real estate showings on the moon, FLACS are perfect for any surface - wet, dry, dirt, sand, cobblestone, etc.
Inspired by Leather Seats

The most comfortable flip flop.

You'll love the way the soft vegan leather and "stuff in the middle" conforms to your shape and hugs your foot.  Over a short time the flip flops create their own own custom fit.


For a limited time your flip flop comes with a genuine FLACS Branklet.  It is usable as a bracelet or anklet.  Order an extra one if you like wearing both at the same time.

FLACS are durable, they can go anywhere you take them  And they look great every step of the way.  All the leather surfaces are made from vegan leather.  

Made for adults, kids, unisex.

FLACS are Family Flip Flops

A portion of every purchase goes to saving wildlife.